Is the parcel discreet?

What is your return policy?

How much is the shipping?

Do you ship to my country?

How long will it take to get my order?

Can I pay for expedited shipping ?

Do I have to pay customs fees?

Do I need to pay for the app?

My card has been declined, what can I do?

Using Perifit

Using Perifit for the first time

Are there different sizes?

For how long and how often do you use it?

How do I insert Perifit and in which position do I lie?

Is my phone compatible with the Perifit app?

What are the dimensions of the Perifit?

How do I charge the device?

Does it vibrate?

Can Perifit help relax the pelvic floor muscles?

How accurate is Perifit?

What material is Perifit made of?

How do you know the Perifit is truly effective?

Can I use Perifit if I don't have any pelvic floor issues?

Can I use Perifit if I am on my period?

Can I use the Perifit with an IUD?

Can I use the Perifit with a prolapse?

Can the Perifit help me with my postpartum recovery?

Can using Perifit intensify my orgasms?

Where can I download the app?

How do I look after the Kegel trainer?

Can Perifit help reducing leaks?


How safe is the Perifit?

What are the health effects, risks & dangers of Perifit radiation?

Can I use Perifit while pregnant?

Customer Support

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